Latricia Brown, School Leader

My name is Ms. Brown, and I am proud to serve you as the School Leader of Northridge Academy. I am highly anticipating a successful academic school year. This year will prove challenging yet successful, as we will be learning lots of new and exciting concepts. As lifelong global learners, we will develop self-efficacy, self-awareness, and commitment to be the best and brightest. We will develop into more of a constructivist style of learning which will allow all of us to work more closely together to explore, hypothesize, and construct new facts into new and existing schema. 

We will amuse ourselves and others as we develop and increase our knowledge in reading, vocabulary, math, science, as well as social studies. Our increased self-esteem and mature behavior will be reflective of our academic growth. We will work tirelessly, but our efforts will not be in vain.

In order to fulfill our commitment, our attendance in school every day and on time is pivotal. We should all come to school on fire for learning. This means that we all will need to be prepared with a willing attitude, school supplies, and wearing a proper uniform. No excuses will be accepted, as we are all capable.

I live by a no excuse creed. Growing up in the city Detroit yielded incessant obstacles. In spite of the many challenges that presented, I innately maintained the drive, determination and self-motivation to forge on ahead with a positive mind. The results of the drive and determination that I possess presented the opportunity to begin teaching by the age of 20. After receiving a Bachelor's Degree, and State of Michigan Teaching Certificate, I earned a Master's Degree in Elementary Education, plus 18 credit hours towards a Doctoral Degree in Educational Administration. Success comes with a price that is definitely worth the struggle.

This year, our theme is "Stay focused, stay positive...In it to win it!" So I encourage your positive feedback, comments, and even suggestions, as positive feedback helps us to grow. As your School Leader, I strongly urge you to communicate with me. I am willing to work with you in an effort to succeed every student at Northridge Academy.

All the best,

Ms. Brown
School Leader

Ms. Brown, school leader
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