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Anti-Bullying Policy

Northridge Academy follows the Board of Director's policy, which prohibits students from bullying and using aggressive behavior. Northridge Academy also reserves the right to consequence students within the framework of the policy as needed.


The purpose of the attendance policy is to encourage regular and consistent attendance and punctuality at school by all students. Disciplinary consequences, in most cases, for attendance related offenses would avoid removing the student from class.Student grades will be solely based upon the quality of work submitted and the quality of class participation.

Northridge Academy has an attendance office and/or secretary to account for each student's attendance on a daily basis. It is the parent's responsibility to report each and every absence. If parents do not report the absence, an attempt will be made to contact the home.

Attendance in Elementary and Middle School is extremely important. It is the parent's responsibility to see that students attend school daily, but we share the responsibility to account for the whereabouts of each of our students every school day.

As educators, we know that absences and tardiness greatly affect student learning. It is most important for parents to see that their student is in school each and every day. The cooperation of parents, students and school personnel is essential to student success.

Dress Code

Uniforms are black or navy blue uniform pants or skirts that fall at least knee length.  Pants and skirts must cover the entire waist and buttocks and be worn with a belt.  Shirts should be white, black, navy blue or light blue with a collar, long or short sleeves can be worn all year long.  Button up blue or white uniform sweaters are permitted.  No hoodies or hooded tops are to be worn in the classrooms.  Shoes must be solid black loafers.  Gym shoes are not allowed.

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